Thursday, October 18, 2007

Too many options

Did anybody have a problem with too many options??? I guess I have always heard people complain about not having enough options. Not me.
I always keep all my options open. I have this strange feeling that if I choose a direction/goal and work towards it, I might end up closing the doors of all other directions and be unable to attain a goal that was meant to be achieved. Result: Did not point all my efforts towards one goal, hence have achieved nothing till date.
I have been doing this since my pre-teen years. And I have also realized that this is one of my biggest weakness (very early in life in fact, sometime during my late teens). But strangely I have not been able to rectify it, till date. There have been so many resolutions made and forgotten, the very next morning.
But then, when I look back, it's not all that bad, I managed to get a decent education, did work for a reputed company, did get married and till date, manage to keep my house in order. To an outsider and a complete stranger I might even end up looking like an decent achiever. But those who really know me ….might be wondering, what the hell is wrong with this girl, why can’t she do something worthwhile. Hmmmm I have the same question. How long before I do something worth my capabilities, how long before I realize that this is ‘the thing’ I was always meant to do.
Or do I over estimate my self???(This is my latest “confusion”). Was my life always meant to be the way it is now. Did I expect a little extra out of myself?

Friday, October 12, 2007

Figuring out

Always keep wondering...How many people actually know, what they really want to do in life? How many people have figured out their destinies and have had the resolve to follow it? How many people have been successful in achieving what they have set out to do? And how many are like me .... still trying to figure out :((

Wish I could conduct a world wide poll. If I can find atleast 10 others as confused as I am.... would be delighted ..... company at last.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Old friends

who ever said .. "old friends are like old wine" got it so right. I caught up with a lot of old friends over the week end. Some of them I had not spoken to in the last two year..... but there were no awkward pauses... no struggling to find the right words or topics to discuss... no trying to guess if the other person agrees with your opinion. Whew!
Making new friends is exciting... but old friends ROCK..

Friday, September 28, 2007

Off to visit my friend.

After a week of should I go ... or not .. I finally decided to go and say good bye to my friend who is leaving for US this month. Now I am undecided as to what I should buy for her as a parting gift. God so many decisions to make. Wish there was a definite protocol, that said ... if its a girl and if she is of this age then you buy her this gift... life would be so much easier.

Confused: that's me

Confusion is me and I am confusion. don't ever get confused about this. I intent to journal all my thoughts (er.. confusions) so that some day when I know ( hopefully )what is that I really really want . I can marvel at all that confusion I overcame to reach a non confused state.

Disclamer: If there are any contradicting statement ... please understand they are due to confusion. And some day if there are no more posts... that would be due to my laziness and not confuion(hehe)... Deadly combination ... confusion and laziness....